Israel pressures Obama to take stance on Iran

The day might finally have come for the United States to define our standpoint on the conflict brewing in Israel and the nuclear testing that is currently going on in Iran.  If you didn’t already know, on February 15th of this year Iran announced the expansion of their nuclear program.  It has been rumored that this nuclear expansion is supposed to include the production of nuclear warheads aimed at Israel.  Israel, a nuclear weapon producing state, has come out in open protest to Iran’s new technology even threatening an attack on Iran.

Israel has always been an ally of the United States, which puts Barack Obama in a tough predicament.  Does he take action against Iran, a possible threat to the security of the United States, or does he attempt to mitigate the situation without provoking a possible attack from Iran.  Obama has claimed that he will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear warhead by all means necessary (yes that includes ‘force’).

So what do you think? Should Obama take this radical stance and possibly include us in a fight with Iran should nuclear weapons be produced? Or should he use other means to settle the conflict between Israel and Iran, without involving the United States militarily?