Coach Who Preached Violence Rewarded it For Years

Is this really a big deal? You know it happens in every sport, you just do not see it made public.  According to sources, the New Orleans Saints have been providing incentives for defensive players if they knocked stars on the opponent’s team out of the game.  Although coaches are claiming the incentives were only given for “big hits”, it has been rumored that if a player was knocked out of the game, a cash reward would be given to the player delivering the hit

As an avid sports fan I love to see the big hits.  Of course I do not want players out on the field trying to end each others careers, but if the coaches are providing incentives for their players to hit hard and play the game at 100% then I see no problem.  I do not see this as something that destroys the integrity of the game, but rather a chance for fans to see players go all out.

Am I way off base here? Is this really a big deal, because quite frankly I don’t see it if it is