Syria Permits U.N. Visits, but Escalates Its Attacks

New stories break every day about the conflict and Syria, and it seems to me to just get pushed further and further to the back burner of the news and the public’s minds. I do not know why this is. Everyday the conflict grows more gruesome, but it seems like our attention lessens.

There is good and bad news breaking today about the war going on in Syria. The good news is, the Syrian government is finally allowing the United Nations to visit the area and see the conflict for themselves. The bad news, the attacks made by this very same government are getting worse. These troops who are under the regime of Al-Assad (Syrian President) are now being given permission to plan full fledged attacks on towns in opposition to the Syrian government.

It seems to me that this is as good of a time as any to act, we really can’t sit idly by and allow these mass murders to go on any longer. The Obama administration has done some work in the matter, calling for Al-Assad to step down, but it is not enough any more. We have information about these atrocities going on every day yet we are doing nothing about it.

Is it time for us to step out and do more than just speak out against Al-Assad? Or are we too involved in the outside world already?