GOP Super Tuesday

If you’ve been following the GOP presidential nomination at all, you would know that it’s been anything but regular. These days I usually refer to it as the ‘GOP circus’ – you never know who will be performing or be ahead in the polls when you wake up every day. But it all comes down to this folks- that’s right its Super Tuesday 2012. While no candidate has reached the necessary 1144 delegates, Mitt Romney seems to be on the path to victory. On Tuesday, there are 419 delegates up for grabs across 10 very diverse states. I believe that while Romney won’t win every state, he will be a contender everywhere.

One argument I have been making all along is that by staying in the race (I’m talking directly to Santorum, Paul, and Gingrich here) you detract from your chances of beating Romney. Santorum and Gingrich always go after each other in the debates and it shows when they have split delegates. This prevents them from having a one-on-one chance of stealing the nomination from a surging Romney. While they’ve each had their 15 minutes of fame, Romney is the clear favorite and I’m sure he will show that he is a national candidate come Super Tuesday 2012.

So what do you think, who will make it? Who will break it?

Is their a national candidate in this field?