France’s newest proposed theme park should say more about the future than it does about the present. 

Have you heard about Europe’s soon to be newest attraction? “Napoleonland”- not a joke- is in the midst of its planning stages in what his being called a future rival of Europe’s Disneyland. The park will be themed around the life and conquests of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Part of this is undoubtedly hilarious. There is no way that this major investment can in any way be seen as a valuable long term business model. Plus, who had the idea to build an amusement park themed around the life of a man who militarily forced his way across Europe?

On the other hand, some (like James Poulos) have brought up the important subtle undertones of what this attraction actually says about the future of Europe. The continent has arguably never been as unified as they were under Napoleon and his Napoleonic Code. Today, European countries barely have any sense of a shared cultural identity. While some may argue that they are united under the Euro, it is clear now that they are simply bounded by it. The continent shares a monetary policy but not a fiscal policy. This has created an unnecessary and burdensome bureaucracy that can get nothing done. This is a direct threat to not only the European economy, but the entire world economy as well.

This is why Europe needs a Napoleon. I don’t mean a short statured power-hungry soldier, but a source of unity that can save not only the continent but also the world from economic disaster.

Does Europe need a “Napoleonic unification”? Who or what can unify Europe? Or should the Euro just be damned as a policy?