Colts to release Manning

Today is a sad day for me.

As a Colts fan, I am certainly not happy to write about Peyton Manning’s impending release. News broke today on ESPN that the Indianapolis Colts have decided that they will not pick up Peyton Manning’s $28 million bonus and the 4 years left on his contract. Manning has had 4 neck surgeries over the past 11 months but seems to be recovering nicely and looks ready to play in the 2012 season. This decision means that the former Super Bowl MVP will hit the free agent market for the first time in his already Hall of Fame worthy career.

So what is next for both sides of this decision. It seems clear what is in store for the Colts, they will use the 1st overall pick in the upcoming draft to take Andrew Luck, the highest rated player in an NFL Draft since Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway and we all know how his career went.

The future for Manning is far less certain. There have been reports that there are about 8 teams in serious contention for Manning, but it would be surprising if almost every team isn’t considering signing him. I would like to see Manning finish his career in Indianapolis, but since that doesn’t seem like it is possible, I see Manning finishing up in Arizona (much like Kurt Warner).

Did the Colts make the right decision? Is Luck the right way to go, or should they have held on to Manning?