iPad 3 preview

Apple Inc. is set to unveil their iPad 3 tomorrow at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Expectations are always high, but may be even higher tomorrow. The technology juggernaut must deliver if it wants to continue to dominate the global tablet market. Key new features should include a quad-core processor and 4G-LTE capabilities. They would like to entice the consumer into buying the newer more expensive models which include wifi and 4g capabilities from Verizon, AT&T, etc. There are also rumors of an upgraded Apple TV being unveiled, though that is not certain. This will be another big test for Tim Cook, the man who succeeded legendary innovator Steve Jobs.

How can Apple expect the consumer to pay more for an already outrageously expensive tablet? It’s no wonder that the most popular iPad to date is also the least expensive one. I think that the only way to drastically increase sales is to lower the price. But then again, who knows what Apple is thinking? I have always considered Apple the Willy Wonka of the tech world. They are known worldwide for keeping their agenda under wraps. Until these unveilings, the only information out there consists of outrageous rumors. The crux of the situation is:

When does paying for speed and performance become too much?

When will even the diehard consumers just say no to Apple and settle for a cheaper competitor, especially in today’s economy?