Remember IBM’s computer genius named Watson? Well after his success on “Jeopardy!” in helping bring down 74 time winner Ken Jennings, Watson is now divvying out his services to a number of institutions trying to get an edge in their respective industries.

Companies like WellPoint Inc. have used Watson’s talents to help analyze and improve their healthcare services while companies within the financial sector like CitiGroup Inc. are asking Watson to evaluate their investments for potential risk and reward. Watson is expected to add a few billion dollars to IBM’s analytics revenue. A computer this smart should be able to realize that he should keep the money himself.

With this incredible innovation and the continued improvement of the computer industry, we find ourselves faced with the age old question.

Should we be more frightened or excited of a future where machine can take the place of man in many aspects of society?

If Will Smith wasn’t so busy i’m sure he would shoot Watson on the spot; he never did trust robots.