Free Tuition

Imagine a world where college tuition was free..

Well for students at Antioch College, imagination meets reality. The four-year liberal arts college, about 30 minutes from Dayton, Ohio, is trying to resurrect itself. The college was suspended in 2008 after financial problems and now guarantees free tuition for at least 3 years. The college is no cake walk either, notable alumni include Coretta Scott King and 2007 Nobel Laureate Mario Capecchi. They have closed 4 times since 1858- 4 times!

Personally, I think that this is a perfect story given today’s rising tuition costs and sputtering economy. Imagine a college experience with no financial worries? As a student at Villanova University I can assure you, that waiving $30,000 from tuition every year would be great. This got me thinking, imagine if top universities waived tuition once every five years? The applicant pool would be far greater and guarantee higher quality students as well.

*One last note- Kids at Antioch still had to pay other expenses ($9,000), only tuition was foregone!

Is this a good idea?

(Top universities have hundreds of millions in endowment funds, they CAN do this!) #freetuition2012