Japan struggles to recover from tsunami and earthquake

With all of the talks recently about the possibility of a nuclear attack on Iran from Israel, or visa-versa, we have been exposed to the negative qualities of nuclear technology.  We have always been taught that a nation that researches nuclear technology is something that we need to take notice of and try to prevent.  Although, nuclear technology can be used for good.  If not used to make warheads, nuclear technology can be used to power a nation at a far less expensive rate than natural oil.

Japan is a nation that has been using nuclear technology for both its positive and negative aspects.  We as the United States obviously do not want Japan developing nuclear warheads and having the capabilities to attack.  But ever since the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last March, Japan has been in recovery mode.  Not the least of its problems was its nuclear power plants

Nuclear power accounted for nearly 1/3 of the electricity distributed around the nation.  Now, all but 2 of the power plants have been shut down and Japan is struggling to recover.  They now have to increasingly rely more on international means for power and it is putting a stranglehold on their economy.

Nuclear power is something that has been a topic debated over and over again by the US Senate and House to see if it is something we should look into.  If nuclear power is harnessed the correct way it will substantially reduce our reliance on foreign oil.

What should we be looking at? Is nuclear technology something the US should look into? Is it worth the risk to reduce our foreign oil consumption?