Cokes Got the Right Idea

It took time, but the health food craze has finally reached the soda industry. Coca-Cola Co. has started using Truvia, a natural sweetener that they helped to develop, in their Sprite and Nestea products in France. For a while now, soda giants Coke and PepsiCo have been trying to identify a “holy grail” sweetener which reduces calories and does not sacrifice any of the taste. Enter the Stevia plant, an herb native to some parts of South America. Its leaves are very sweet and have a licorice-like aftertaste at high concentrations. Coke used Stevia along with sugar to create Truvia to create this ‘holy grail of sweeteners’. France was chosen as the site for cokes changes because of a recently introduced French tax on sugared beverages- I knew I smelled big business! Nonetheless, I like Coke’s (and I’m sure PepsiCo will follow) decision, to research and implement a healthier sweetener in their drinks.

I have seen people consume soda for every meal of the day (sadly this includes breakfast too). Most people either do not know the horrible effects of sugar and carbonation on the human body or simply do not care. Its no secret that we as Americans are addicted to sugar, namely in soda. Thankfully, Coke has at least started a process which I hope will eventually lead to an exclusively sugar free soda market.

Is a sugar free soda market possible? France sure thinks so with their tax on sugary beverages. Should the government just continue to be laissez-faire on soda or should they care for the health of the people? c’mon people, obesity and diabetes are literally killing us.