Lei Feng

“Lei Feng Day” is a load of bull. 

When you live in a communist state where no elections are permitted to take place, the government has to find ways to keep its people productive and at ease. Because of this, government propaganda runs wild within China’s borders. This story is a perfect example of this propaganda. China recently celebrated “Lei Feng Day”, a government created holiday based around patriotism and self-sacrifice in memory of a courageous solider. Lei Feng’s story, as told by the Communist Party of China, is far from accurate. While the government claims that Lei Feng died by brave self-sacrifice, the truth is that he actually died by accident when a light post fell on him after a comrade clumsily crashed into it. The government continues to stand by their false tale in order to motivate their constituency. Even with their extreme attempts at censorship, the truth of this propaganda is getting out through the internet and the Chinese people are no longer buying in.

Everyone is always talking about “The Rise of China” and how the country will be the future lone super power of the world. Give me a break. This story is an example of why this will not come to be until their political system goes through serious reform. A country can in no way flourish if there is major tension between a government and its people, policies that greatly impede on free speech, and no hope for political change.

Do you agree? Can a country truly flourish with a political system like China’s?