YouTube’s Kevin Allocca breaks down “Why Videos Go Viral.”

This is not only entertaining, but also pretty important for our generation. We are entering an economy in need of a boost where Jobs are hard to come by. The best way to become successful nowadays is not by following an outdated and overused life model, it’s by innovating. YouTube and other forms of media now allow us to innovate and market our creativity and talent seamlessly.In a world where we will need to create a following in order to be successful, understanding the means we must use to do that is essential.

Look at Rebecca Black. She went from being nothing to becoming a pop star overnight. While you may hate her song, don’t act like you don’t hum it in the shower from time to time. The point is that understanding why videos go viral gives us a leg up on marketing ourselves to the world. In an age where this type of media is king, that’s an advantage we all can see as valuable.

What do you think is the best way to market oneself in this new age of media?  Are YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter efficent ways to do this?