Create your league, today!

Like fantasy football and politics? Well you may be in luck. Fantasy Politics, yes I said it, is a new game which combines political influence and fantasy football. It was launched at a tech conference in San Francisco this week and puts the knowledge of political aficionados to the test. Like fantasy football, teams draft 10 political figures which include anyone from nationally elected officials to political pundits. Each team gains points based on performance in thirty different categories such as twitter/facebook followers, polling numbers, and fundraising. You can even trade and pick up free agents! (Cue the Independents) So what’s the point? Why did Fantasy Politics develop this game? Simple, like many other things in politics, it acts as an indicator. The company hopes that the game becomes widespread and aggregates a lot of data. Then they will cleverly resell it to political campaigns. Shrewd move Fantasy Politics, shrewd move. I wonder who Matthew Berry’s first pick is.

Register now, the game begins in a few weeks!

Can this work? What flaws do you see in this system of collecting data other than lack of followers?