Liberal Laughs?

That’s right. A recent panel discussion of comedy experts at the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) discussed the question: Why do the vast majority of comedians lean to the left? Conservative comedy is rare on the internet and even more so on TV. The panel’s consensus: Comedians should not take a political stance when trying to be funny. They agreed that it was just far easier to poke fun at conservative banter. Point and case: Santorum’s anti-college stance over an Obama jobs report. This does not mean however that the left should be safe from comedy!

Rory Albanese, an executive producer for The Daily Show, said it best, “Comedy has a recklessness that doesn’t lend itself to the conservative lifestyle”.

Still, why is it that there hasn’t been a prominent conservative comedian or comedy website? Can one even exist and succeed using liberal views as comedy?