Homeless people as wireless transmitters.

You can’t be serious? So, there is this new idea out there trying to make the world a more 4G friendly place. The plan is, pay homeless people $20 a day to walk around carrying WiFi transmitters.  This would make them “hotspots” that others looking for WiFi in the area could use to access the internet.

I was amazed by this when I first read it. The idea seemed ridiculous to me and I thought the idea was just a joke. But it isn’t. And as I am writing this post, the idea is growing on me, but let’s be real this will never survive right? One of the homeless used in the experiment wore a t-shirt which said “I’m Clarence, a 4G Hotspot.” and I thought that was pretty degrading and wrong.  Would we really want to see someone on Facebook “check-in” and post a status from a location based off another person? How about we just put more actual hotspots around and save some human dignity

Can this be an idea that works? Should it be used worldwide? Will this be the way out of the recession? Or was my first impression right and should these people be criticized for the idea?