The U.N came together yesterday to unite on a ceasefire call of conflicts in Syria. It’s about time. Unbelievable that it took this long for the World’s chosen leaders to call an end to human rights violations that have been publicly displayed for some time now.

The real question now is whether or not the U.N or any country will do anything about it? Despite these calls for a ceasefire, the conflicts continued through this morning and are expected to continue. No surprise there.

It’s like you’re fighting with your sibling outside and your mom comes out and says “Hey guys, you should really stop doing that. Come on guys”. You won’t really stop fighting until Dad comes out and violently pulls you two apart. So when is that action going to take place?

Clearly no country wants to get involved for fear of public opinion, the costs of war, and the costs of life.

All this considered:

What should be done about Syria? Should the U.S get involved? Are the U.N Security Council countries being cowardly here or are they right not to get involved?