GOP already gets the ball rolling.

While most of the national spotlight is on the potential Republican nominees, the Republican National Committee (RNC) waits for no one. They have learned from their blunders four years ago and have started laying the groundwork in key battleground states.  By the end of April, the RNC will have staff in 10 of the 12 swing states. Headed by the emphatic Reince Priebus, the RNC looks to match the efforts of their counterparts at the DNC. Since they don’t have the burden of a fractious primary, the DNC has already started planning turnout and targeted outreach. Needless to say the RNC is setting itself up to prevent another 2008 loss.

Last summer I studied in Washington D.C. for a short time and had the privilege of going to the RNC and meeting Reince Priebus. He was all fire and brimstone while talking to us, mentioning that outreach to constituents was the most important thing. He definitely wants the Republicans to put up the best fight against the incumbent Obama. The man accepts nothing but the W.

Is this the right move to start outreach even before a candidate is agreed upon? Or will it convolute the Republican message?