Parents Gone Wild

We’ve all experienced it or at least saw it.  The moment when a parent goes from wanting what’s best to becoming a ‘helicopter parent’ and trying to control every aspect of their child’s life.  This reached a new level of absurdity in Colorado Springs last year. An annual Easter egg hunt organized by the town went awry when parents jumped the rope to guarantee that their kid did not leave without an egg. After parents saw that their kid may not stand a chance, they reacted and jumped the spectator rope. Once a few parents did it, mob mentality took over and everyone lost control. Last year’s fiasco led to the 2012 egg hunt being cancelled.

This was a direct result of the aggressive behavior of the parents.  This is a prime example of over involved parenting. They stop at nothing to ensure that their children act and appear just as they imagine in their mind. In this case a few parents ruined this year’s egg hunt for many innocent children.

You be the judge.

Is it wrong to be a ‘helicopter parent’? What are the positives and negatives to such a parenting style?