Draw Something explodes on the market, creator cashes in

We have all heard of, seen, played or helped someone guess an answer on this new game sweeping the globe.  Draw Something, a Pictionary-esque game hit the mobile gaming market 7 weeks ago and has not looked back since.  It currently stands as the #1 top free ios game as well as the #2 top paid ios app.

Finally, the creator has cashed in on his idea.  Charles Forman, the founder of Omgpop and creator of Draw Something sold his game to Zynga for a hefty price.  Omgpop and the Draw Something game sold for $180 million.  Let me say that again $180 million!!!

Great story linked up top, but best line has to be from Charles Forman “I had $1,700 in my bank account yesterday, and now I have a whole lot more”. Yeah I would say so.

What are your thoughts? What is going to be the next Draw Something or Words with Friends that becomes a must-have app? Is the app/social media business the new “sexy business” to get involved in?