Roberts criticized. 

Unless you live in darkness, you are definitely familiar with the brewing judicial battle over Obama’s health care plan. It has started its legal bout in the Supreme Court three days ago and has become a serious ideological trial. Chief Roberts has been criticized for overstepping his job description several times. In theory as chief justice he presides as the umpire in the court. As many analysts and writers see it, he is an umpire who also is constantly wielding a bat. As a New York legal author put it,“ John Roberts is a terrific representative of the contemporary Republican party and a terrific representative of the Bush administration and living proof that elections have consequences.” That isn’t to say that he is a hypocrite. His judicial worldview is just too close to his political worldview. The only job where that is definitely not allowed is when you’re Chief Justice on the Supreme Court. He has also clearly stated that he will not ‘lobby’ in order to secure votes of the other justices and reach a compromise- what a thought huh? Most other justices in landmark cases have compromised so that each is happy with the solution.

When it comes down to it, this is going to go down as a landmark case. While their won’t be a decision made until June, the current storm brewing will not subside soon.

Does Chief Justice Roberts have the right attitude?

Is this just another example of the serious polarization that is now commonplace in D.C.?