According to an Iranian official, Iran has finally agreed to talk to world powers about their controversial nuclear program. The talks will be held on April 13, most likely in Instanbul.

This could be big news or just another stall tactic. Iran is being choked out by economic boycotts and sanctions, yet continues to say that their program is one of civilian capabilities only. These talks could provide Iran an opportunity to draw out a long argument that could delay further sanctions and future inspections. Maybe, the world powers can actually get somewhere.

I don’t think I need to really emphasize the importance of Iran not having nuclear weaponry. They have recently been tied to Syria’s tyrannical government and have been quoted as saying that they want Israel blown off the face of the Earth. All that considered, do you think they like us?

How should Iran’s nuclear situation be handled? Do you think these talks will be productive? Is it wrong for the World not to allow countries to possess nuclear weapons?