Reebok and Nike feud over Tebow

Tebowmania finds yet another fork in the road as Reebok was forced to stop making New York Jets apparel featuring Tebow’s name on it. Nike, which soon becomes the NFL’s official jersey supplier, filed an injunction against Reebok on Wednesday March 28th. They can still sell any Tebow merchandise manufactured prior to March 1st which is when their license expired. Nike paid a reported $1.1 billion to become the NFL’s new supplier. They are set to reveal redesigned jerseys at an event in New York on April 3rd. On April 4th the hearing with Reebok will start in New York as well. Nike has also signed a contract with Tim Tebow to make causal and athletic apparel under his name.

The bottom line is everyone wants this guy. He has created one of the biggest media firestorms in the sport’s history so it’s no surprise that apparel giants Reebok and Nike would fight to get their slice of the Tebow pie. I’d venture to say that this is the first time that there has been a legal battle for a backup quarterback.

Is all this (greed) warranted over a backup?

Will Tebowmania fade or is this legal battle the first of many similar fights for Tebow?