Americans Want Online Ads to last 15-sec0nds or less

We have all been there, whether it be VEVO on Youtube or ads on Hulu, we have all had to sit through a 15-60 second ad before we access the content we actually signed up for.  A new study shows that a majority of the public is willing to tolerate 15 seconds of advertisements before accessing the desired content.  After that though, the public gets hostile.

Personally I do not think its a big deal, it’s just how we view music videos and TV shows online for free. These companies need to make their money somehow.  If you don’t like it, click away and search for something else or just occupy yourself for 15 seconds.

This news is important because companies now need to make a decision: do they make the public happy and go ad-free and sacrifice potentially their only source of income or do they keep the ads and potentially lose a few viewers because of it?

My answer? Keep the ads short and sweet, I have no problem with you making your profits, as long as it keeps your content free.

What do you think? How long are you willing to watch an online ad before accessing content that you’re lightly interested in? How about content you’re heavily interested in?