Cops can now read your texts

In an age where text messaging is the primary source of communication, the use of cell phones and the oversight over them has become more and more prevalent.  Now, local law enforcement have employed the cell phone companies to track phones, listen in on calls and even read text messages as a way of surveilling the community.  What is scary about this, is not so much the actual tactics (although those are questionable) but actually the fact there there is NO legal oversight.  No court allowing the practice, no restrictions as to whose phone they can look over and at what time.

Obviously those with nothing to hide do not need to worry as much as those committing crimes but I think this turns out to be a matter of principle.  If I have done nothing wrong, there is no reason a cop should be able to read my texts without a warrant.  Now I know this can be extremely useful in that it can be the reason the police are able to save lives in certain circumstances.  There is definitely a compelling argument why this technology should be encouraged, but for me there has to be some regulations.  At the very least, get a warrant.

Should law enforcement be allowed to tap cell phones? Should there be some regulation?