The way that President Obama’s political ads took the internet by storm in the 2008 elections was considered revolutionary in campaigning. Now in Wisconsin, Mitt Romney is looking to do the same. Wisconsin’s Republican Primary was yesterday, and estimates said that Romney’s television ad campaign had gone unseen by up to one-third of voters in the state. Team Romney’s solution? Increasing the number of internet ads to undecided conservative voters.
Today’s candidates are aiming to turn the internet into a forum for political persuasion, making the web a substitute for TV ads. Even though internet ads have been useful in rallying the converted in the past, they have been less successful in attracting undecided voters.
As students, we spend so much of our time on the internet that many of us even go online to watch our favorite TV shows.

For our generation especially, is internet advertising becoming more effective than campaigning on TV? 

Is going digital revolutionizing the way voters are informed?