First there was E-mail, now introducing the E-Lane

Finally! One of my biggest pet peeves is running head on to another pedestrian while glued to my Iphone playing Draw Something. I just hate it. Thank god the great city of Philadelphia had the idea to start an E-lane for pedestrians who get too distracted on electronic devices while walking. It’s located on the sidewalk across from City Hall on the 1400 block of JFK (because I know all of you were wondering). Mayor Nutter had this to say about it: “Stand on any sidewalk in Philly, you see fellow citizens with busy lives who can’t take the time to look up from their devices.” The purpose is to prevent pedestrians from potential dangers that can occur when on their phones.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The actual problem is that we are so dependent on our phones that we can’t even spare the time to walk from A to B anymore. Things like this just make me sick. This won’t prevent traffic accidents; it will just promote ignorance and a blatent disregard for other pedestrians because you were too busy tweeting how funny that guy at the Jamba Juice looked.

**update- this was in fact an April fools joke. It was done to show how bad electronic dependence has gotten.

Are we just too dependent on technology as evidenced by this E-lane idea?

OR will this actually promote safety while surfing the web and walking at the same time?