With the Final Four now over and the National Championship looming, March Madness is sadly coming to a close. Some of you might actually have a chance at winning some money from your pools while most of us, thanks to Lehigh and company, instead ripped up our brackets weeks ago. Everyone feels like a genius in early March while most of us feel dense by April. Personally I wish I had taken my ten dollars and invested it in the Mega Millions Lottery. Who knows, maybe i’d be at some beach off of the Coast right now watching the Kentucky vs. Kansas final on a flat screen while sipping on something refreshing. Nope, instead i’ll be studying for a different type of final.

I’ll tell myself maybe next year, but this time i’ll have to better prepare. Thanks to Fast Company, they feel the same way and have tried to get to the bottom of what predicts March Madness winners with the highest efficiency. 

What is it about Americans that has us so obsessed with March Madness? Is  our draw to it psychologically innate or is it a product of society? What is the best way to predict March Madness Winners?