When wide-eyed newly minted high school graduates first step foot on the college campus they plan on calling home for the foreseeable future, they expect a few things. One of their expectations can be attributed to the work of National Lampoon, so I won’t go into it. Towards the top of that list of expectations however, is a staff of teachers, advisers, and administrators whose main priority is to educate their students and set them up for a career outside of the fast food industry. While schools will undoubtedly argue that this is their goal, some others are not so convinced.

Laura McKenna is one of the unconvinced. She believes that schools are more interested in producing research than actually assisting their students. By publishing immense amounts of research, schools are better able to improve their reputation in the academic industry as well as recieve great amounts of grant money from the government and other foundations. “Publish or perish” has become a literal rallying cry of education professionals.


Do you agree with McKenna? What are the main priorities of Universities?

Are students being put on the back burner? If so, how can we change this?