The Masters Tournament is in full swing – no pun intended – but this year’s tournament has been surrounded by controversy. And although the controversy does not involve Tiger Woods, it does involve women.

Traditionally, Augusta National, the Georgia golf club where the tournament is played every year, has a strict male-only membership policy. In short: women cannot play the course. This “no girls allowed” rule has been viewed as “tradition” in the past, but this year, it has stirred up quite the buzz, so much so that President Obama, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney have all weighed in on the issue.

The center of this issue? IBM’S new CEO, Virginia Rometty. IBM sponsors the Masters, and Augusta always has extended membership to the company’s CEO. Critics are calling for Augusta to offer Rometty the coveted green jacket. Others however, women included, see no issue with the tradition of excluding females from the club.

What side are you on?

Is Augusta National being sexist in excluding women, or is the male-only membership part of the tradition of the club?