Google begins testing the waters with augmented reality

I don’t know if you have seen this story yet, but Google’s newest project is both amazing and scary all at once.  It’s these new futuristic glasses that allows someone to surf the web, take pictures, text, talk on a webcam, set reminders and basically do anything else you would want to do by pressing a little button near their eye. Take a look at the video to see some of the things these glasses can do:

Google has not released these for sale yet, nor is a release date set, but they have begun to test these glasses out in public.  Google employees will be walking around in major cities to see how well they function and if they cause impairment issues.

As one of those people who wants the newest technology right away, I know that I want a pair of these to see how they work and what they are all about.  They look awesome and their capabilities seem endless, but it could just be me.

Is “Project Glass” the future? Is it just the tip of the iceberg and a small look into the future of mobile technology? Or is it something that doesn’t seem like it will catch on? Are you looking forward to these hitting the market?