Never mind the Hunger Games and Katniss Everdeen, “Girl On Fire”. Last September, you may remember the man that literally set himself on fire, Greek businessman Apostolos Polyzonis. Out of work and out of money, Polyzonis saw no other option but to spend his last ten euros on a can of gas, and to ignite himself in a form of public protest.

Although he survived, other Greeks haven’t been so lucky. Last Wednesday, another Greek man facing economic hardship shot himself just a few hundred yards away from the Greek Parliament, saying in a suicide note that the government had made it impossible for him to survive.

As suicides are increasing in Greece, people are viewing economic stability and the ability to pay your taxes as not just a privilege or an obligation, but a right.

In the United States, people are also facing economic austerity. If the economy in Greece is so bad that it can incite suicides, what will happen around the world and in our country if the global economy and the United States’ economy does not get better?

What do you think? Is economic stability a privilege, or a right?