Miami Residents React to Guillen's Pro-Castro Comments

The familiar jingle starts, “take me out to the ball game,” but Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is being taken out of the game – out of five games, to be exact. Guillen, a Venezuelan baseball manager who was hired in Miami in an effort to revitalize the feeble franchise and to attract a Latino fan base, has been suspended for saying the one thing that would isolate him from the Cuban-American population of Miami: that he admired Fidel Castro.

The suspension of Guillen came as a result of the anger of the Cuban-American community in the team’s home city. However, some are seeing the suspension as a free-speech issue: if many Cubans left their country because of the lack of free speech rights, then isn’t it ironic that Guillen is being penalized for expressing his beliefs?

This question is only one perspective on the issue. For many Cuban-Americans, a five game suspension was not a harsh enough punishment, and many fans are calling for Guillen’s resignation.

Is this suspension warranted? Are Ozzie Guillen’s rights to free speech being violated? Or, was his punishment not harsh enough?