George Zimmerman charged with 2nd degree murder on Thursday for Trayvon Martin shooting

The Trayvon Martin shooting that occurred on February 26th has gotten national media attention ever since the story broke.  If you don’t know the story itself, Trayvon Martin a 17 year old African American was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch officer George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman called 911 reporting a suspicious individual (Martin) in his neighborhood and after hanging up with the dispatcher, he shot and killed Trayvon.

The case has gotten national attention because of a couple of reasons: 1. Martin was an African-American 2. Zimmerman never reported what this “suspicious” activity was 3. Martin was unarmed 4. The police did not immediately arrest Zimmerman when they arrived on the scene.

George Zimmerman has now been charged with 2nd degree murder in this case, the highest possible charge given the set of facts that law enforcement has.

When police officials were asked why Zimmerman was not immediately arrested for his actions, Angela Cory the state attorney for Jacksonville said “We only know one category as prosecutors, and that’s a ‘V,’ ” Ms. Corey said. “It’s not a ‘B,’ it’s not a ‘W,’ it’s not an ‘H.’ It’s ‘V,’ for victim. That’s who we work tirelessly for. And that’s all we know, is justice for our victims.”

Is racial profiling becoming more and more of a problem? Should this case be looked at outside of the racial factors? Or is the racial aspects a crucial part of the case? What do you think the penalty for Zimmerman’s actions should be?