World populations are growing at an alarming pace. Last October the United Nations announced that the global population had surpassed 7 billion and would continue to grow rapidly for decades to come. I think that it’s time to ask the question, where will people go?

A look at present day Nigeria paints a grim picture of things to come. To put it in perspective, in about 25 years the population of Nigeria will be about 300 million. The country is the size of Arizona and New Mexico. It is no surprise that living standards have dropped drastically in many commercial areas. Up to 50 people share a kitchen, toilet, and sink. The fact I found most alarming was that Nigeria’s unemployment is nearly 50% for people in urban areas ages 15-24. That is not to say that Nigeria is not trying to curb the population to solve this problem. Last year the government made contraceptives free and promoted smaller families as key to economic recovery.

For me, this article spoke volumes about some of the larger problems which we will face as a planet in the near future. There is no win-win combination to these problems in Nigeria. If we continue to grow as Nigeria has, we will undoubtedly face serious issues with rationing natural resources

What will happen when nature runs out? (i.e. taxing our resources goes too far)

Are there any justifiable ways to tell a family that they cannot have children?