If VU was the World, the Courts would be the Middle East.

riots40.jpg (640×422)

The Middle East/The Courts: So many nations (apartments) in such close proximity of each other. Most nations have different values and religions (different tenant interests). Much of the land is undeveloped open land (courtyard/apartment common rooms) that has a distinct climate (distinct smells). It is an economy based off of the production and exportation of oil (you know what I mean). No oil, no crowd of customers. It’s a powder keg. Some nations clearly don’t like each other and are quick to be up in arms at the sign of any threat (misspoken words or a shove). Chaos ensues until some authority (police), usually in the form of the U.N, U.S, or another Western power, breaks up the anarchy with hopes of stopping it for good. Of course this does not last.

Does this comparison work? What should our policy toward the Middle East be? Is there any way to alleviate the tension?