I’ve had many Mac users tell me, “Hey! Buy a Macbook they never get viruses!”

I was always skeptical of this claim for a few reasons. Only a small percentage of computer users have Macbooks, while large percentages still use PC’s. Likewise, many virus software developers use PCs to do their damage. The goal of most virus authors is to make money by stealing your information. Why go through the trouble of making software to only inflict damage onto a small percentage of users? Also, Macs have software to combat viruses already installed onto the hard drive. But since Macs are becoming more popular, it’s only a matter of time before someone decides to create a virus for them right?

Enter Flashback Trojan. Recently, over 600,000 Mac users were plagued by the virus. 57% of them were from the United States, including 247 ‘from Cupertino, California’- Apple’s headquarters! Though the software started infecting machines last September, the authors have been vigorously releasing updated versions to the masses. The most recent strain was released last week. All I can say is protect your machine folks! Do everything you can to regularly scan and maintain your machine.

Will this become an epidemic or not for Mac users?

Did the recent popularity of Macs cause this virus to be released?