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Some are calling it “The Third Industrial Revolution”. Thanks to new technology like 3D printing and increased connectivity, manufacturing is entering a whole new future that everyone should be ready to get involved in.

Imagine a web site that allows you to design  practically whatever you want and then puts the product in your hands in a very short period of time. New manufacturing companies like “Quirky” and “Shapeways” are making this dream a reality and the implications are huge. Now anyone with an idea and an internet connection can becoming a manufacturing mogul and start making money. This model is the future of the industry.

How can these companies mass produce so many products? The key is the advances in 3D design and printing. These technologies have allowed for much  more flexibility and allow production to take place with less wage workers. Less people to pay means that there is a greater opportunity to make a profit. Where there is a profit to be made, there is an industry.

That’s the glass half full. What about the people who need the work?

Is this another instance of technology taking away jobs in a country that currently needs to put people back to work? Is this growing industry something to be afraid of or excited for?