Election season is right around the corner and you know what that means…

More heated political discussions with your family and friends. Some dread these conversations, but I really do enjoy them. For me, seeing how someone’s personality and rationale contribute to their political views and vice versa is fascinating. But that’s neither here nor there. Lifehacker has published a small how-to guide to hold your own in these conversations. Here are a few of the guidelines that are suggested:

Know your facts: Now this is not to say that you should know anything and everything about a given issue, but know enough facts to form a reasonable opinion. Stick to what you know and you should be fine.

Put yourself in their shoes: Don’t just learn the facts for whichever side you choose to argue on. Get to know the other side of any given issue makes you a more complete debater! While you may scoff at the opposing sides views, you should still consider what they have to say.

Don’t Regurgitate!: Nobody wants to hear the same rhetoric they can here on any news channel, put your own spin on everything! Especially when using an argument suggested by polarizing pundits such as my homies Rush Limbaugh or Jon Stewart, it is important to add a spin in order to avoid losing your argument.

Hopefully this helps YOU to become better at political conversations this November!

Why is it even necessary to debate politics?

Why should you try and see the other side? (I mean Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh have stuck to their guns and they are seen as key figures)