Who could forget it? The viral videos, the outpour of social media reactions, the news stories, and the leader gone crazy. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m talking about the Kony 2012 movement which took the world by storm last month with a 29 minute viral video. Many people jumped on the bandwagon. Others scoffed at the movement. But the Kony 2012 movement has gone nearly silent. What happened?

The movement, which was criticized for not actually taking action against Kony, recently failed to translate into the real world with its Cover the Night Campaign, which was a total flop. The goal was to plaster Kony’s face around communities with murals and posters, and to clean up the community.

Why was the Kony 2012 movement originally so popular, and why has it failed to maintain its momentum?

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Is the Kony Movement over? Or will it go viral again? Can Invisible Children really make a difference in this way?