With the rise of email and texting, a coalition bent on belittling and bringing the end to this type of conversation has arisen with it. They rip it apart for lacking proper grammar, format, and mature tone. They, if given the power, would eradicate the ability to text.

These people are missing one crucial detail. What if instead of thinking of these forms of communication as “poor writing”, we thought of them as “written conversation”.

Think about it. Technology in the form of the keyboard and an assortment of software programs now allows for us to communicate at rapid speeds. This means that our fingers have been given the conditions to simply converse, like you casually would with your friend, without saying anything. It’s not a worse type of communication, it’s simply a new type of communication.

This seems obvious, yet people continue to slander the likes of informal communication. They emphasize the ways in which they believe it will tear apart our youth’s writing skills and make them poorer communicators. What about it’s advantages? The way it allows “a medium of flirtation less invasive than a phone call but quicker than a letter” or the way it allows us to multitask. In these ways, they make us more diverse and better communicators.

Listen, I know that there are downsides like distraction issues. But it’s time to look at the issue from both sides. I’m 20, I’m biased.

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of informal communication? Should we be fostering these form of communication or trashing them?