RNC accuses Obama of violating campaign laws

First off let me address the first thing that you are probably thinking to yourself, well of course they are hating on Obama, its Fox News. I know, I will say it again, I know where I got this article from. Judge the bias for yourself, but read it first and just see how you feel

Ok, now that’s out of the way, let’s get to what this is talking about. According to the Republican National Committee (RNC) President Barack Obama has been using taxpayer money to fund his recent trips to the “swing states” and using these trips to campaign for the 2012 election. According to federal campaign policy, “Sitting presidents are not allowed to use federal resources for campaign travel unless their campaigns reimburse the federal government for their use”.

The White House has answered some of the questions posed in this report by saying that this is not a violation of any policy because these trips are not for campaign purposes, but merely part of the President’s official duty to get out of D.C. and hear from the public.

We may never know what the official intention of these trips and we might not be able to tell if it was campaign-focused or not, but it may not really matter. My only thought is that Obama has plenty of people willing to throw money at his feet for his campaign, so it would not be right to use taxpayer money in my opinion.

I want to know what you guys think. Is this a problem? Should their be any penalties if we find out the money was used for campaign purposes?