As college students who go to a school that costs over 50k a year, student loans – and how we’re going to pay them – are a HUGE concern. Making it even worse? How about the just-ending recession and the job prospects that are available to graduates…which, needless to say, are slim. I know I’m worried about how I’ll pay my loans when I graduate, and you’d be nuts if you weren’t worried too.

The good news? We aren’t the only ones that are worried.

The way this presidential election is shaping up, it looks as if our generation is going to be a big target group. Obama swept the youth vote last time around, and Romney has been trying to connect with younger voters recently. In other words, both candidates are trying to get us on board with their campaign – which means that student loan debt is going to be a a massive election year fight.

Luckily, one thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on is that student loan debt NEEDS to be lowered. Of course, they can’t agree on how to do it. Do we take funds out of the controversial Obamacare bill, or do we tax the rich? I’m sure you can figure out which party wants.

The question is: What’s the solution?

How do you feel about your student loan debt? Will this fight be a deciding factor for you in this year’s election?