If you know any seniors, I’m sure you’ve noticed the pre-graduation phenomenon of the “looking for employment” Facebook name change. It usually involves the dropping of the last name, the adding of a middle name, maybe a creative spin of the user’s actual name…whatever the case, students are feeling pressured to hide their personal accounts from potential employers.

Is this fair?

New York Congressman Rep. Eliot Engel thinks not. His proposed bill, the Social Networking Online Protection Act (SNOPA) would make it illegal for employers and schools to demand personal information from prospective students or employees.

The bill also would protect these institutions from legal liability, so that they can’t be accused of not monitoring social media. So, the bill protects employers and employees, students and schools.

What do you think about this bill?

Is it fair for potential schools and employers to monitor your Facebook, or is this an invasion of privacy?