Picture your stereotypical computer science major. What do you see? Probably somebody kind of nerdy.

What you probably don’t picture? Your stereotypical frat boy. Well, think again, because the “brogrammer” is on the rise.

So, what’s a brogrammer? A portmanteau of the monikers “bro” and “programmer,” it’s a new, more testosterone-fueled breed of coder – one who works out, rages, and who is overall much more social. The Brogrammer Facebook group has over 21,000 members, and the term has been used in ads, social forums, and even employers on the hunt for new engineers.

Somebody else you probably don’t picture when you’re thinking about coders? Women, probably. And this coder minority is feeling a little left out of the joke. In fact, some women programmers feel that the “brogrammer” image would turn a lot of women off of working in the field, and especially at start-ups.

The bottom line: “brogrammers” are on the rise, but the phenomenon is making some female computer scientists feel like the butt of a sexist joke.

Are the brogrammers alienating women? Is the image of a frat-house-like start-up turning women off from entering the computer science field, or are female programmers just being sensitive about a joke?