It may be geeky, but I love superhero movies, and I can’t wait for Marvel’s The Avengers to come out on Friday. Captain America, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk…that’s not even the entire list of the superheroes that are going to be featured in this movie, and it already sounds awesome. In short, it looks like it’s going to be epic.

I’m sure the fight scenes and special effects will be really cool. But what about the thoughts behind the movie? Superheroes are often representative of the era that they come out of. If that’s the case…is The Avengers a symbol for America now?

Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Incredible Hulk, thinks so. Ultimately, the movie comes down to all of the superheroes learning to work together, instead of being focused on how they deal with their enemy.

Can we learn from a superhero movie? What can we take away from it, aside from entertainment?

Should America be focusing more on working together, instead of focusing on international issues?