College football? Eliminated? Yeah, right.

For the author of Friday Night Lights, however, the idea is completely plausible – and even desirable. He sees no purpose to college football and thinks that it should be cut from ALL schools, as he thinks it serves no purpose and even harms colleges.

His reasoning? Maryland, Penn State, Alabama, New Mexico, to name a few. Maryland cut eight varsity sports last year to streamline their budget, but not their expensive football program. New Mexico hasn’t seen a bowl game in over 50 years. Alabama took $13 million from university funds and student fees to fund their program. And do I even have to bring up the Penn State scandal?

Then, there is the harm that it does to “student-athletes”. Even at a school like Villanova, where the football program isn’t huge, the rigorous demands on athletes make it difficult to keep up on academics, not to mention the threat of some pretty serious injuries.

As for the rest of the students? Bissinger claims that college football is only the means of providing a social scene.

But what about the other side? Didn’t Penn State worry about enrollment after their football scandal? How many students would go to big football schools if their programs were eliminated? What’s wrong with the social scene of college football anyway?

Is the idea of eliminating college football ridiculous, or is this a good idea? How would you react if Villanova eliminated football or basketball, or any sport?

What about other schools? How would this effect them?