A recent study said that 35% of Americans are overweight. This is an issue that definitely isn’t news, however, it’s inspiring more and more companies that sell food to offer “healthier” options for calorie-counting consumers. The latest to jump on the bandwagon? 7-Eleven.

Yes, you read right…7-Eleven is offering a low-cal version of their most famous product: THE SLURPEE. Just in time for summer, the icy treat is now being offered in a 20 calorie per 8 ounce version, in Mango flavor, as compared to a 66 calorie per 8 ounce version. Consumers can even try out the new Slurpee on “SlurpFree Day,” which is May 23rd…so mark your calendars!

While consumers are very interested in better-tasting low-calorie drinks, some nutritionists are not seeing the positive side to this new product, calling it just a “different kind of junk food” in a different package. Their argument? The Slurpee never had nutritional value to begin with, and lowering its calorie count isn’t making it any better for you.

Is a low-calorie Slurpee a form of “corporate responsibility” from 7-Eleven? Or is this just a clever marketing ploy, as the nutritionists are saying?

Will you try the new version of the Slurpee this summer?