Remember Tyler Clementi? The Rutgers student who committed suicide because of a webcam bullying incident, sparking a pretty big reaction from the LGBT community?

If you don’t remember this story, you probably lived under a rock last year. But if you do, you probably remember his roommate that started the whole thing: Dharun Ravi. Ravi has been on trial for the death of Clementi for awhile now, and his sentencing could have ranged anywhere from 10 years in jail, to deportation back to his home country of India.

Today, he was sentenced to 30 days in prison.

30 days is nowhere near 10 years or deportation. So, he didn’t get the most extreme sentence for his crime – which, by the way, was determined to be bias intimidation. But 30 days seems to be another extreme…as in, an extremely short sentence, especially for a crime that indirectly resulted in the death of another person.

What side are you on? Was Ravi’s punishment too soft? Just right? Or, should he have even been punished at all? This story has definitely been a hot debate this year, so let’s hear what you think!