It is often difficult for college students, and average American citizens for that matter, to realize how tense of a situation our country is in internationally. The enormous gap that is the Atlantic Ocean fogs our vision and acts  as a metaphorical rearview mirror. Pay attention, because objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

Today the tension in the Middle East is centered around Iran. The U.S and other western powers are terrified of Iran’s self proclaimed civil nuclear program. Their historic rivalry with Israel has led many to believe that if given the chance, Iran would not hesitate to strike its enemy. This civil program may be that chance.

There is no need to explain the repercussions of such an action. Picture the globe as a pubescent teen’s face the night before prom, except those aren’t pimples that are popping and what’s coming out of them isn’t harmless, its deadly. In response to this fear, western powers have put economic sanctions on Iran to limit their ability to develop their nuclear program. Neither side is happy with their current position, so professors from both the U.S and Iran have come up with a plan to avoid a deadly conflict. 

What should be done about Iran? Are sanctions the best strategy of containment? Is there any chance for a mutual agreement?